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Why Use Hair Extensions?

Here we outline why you should most definitely have a set of hair extensions in your beauty arsenal – and how you achieve incredible results by using them.

Added (and INSTANT!) Length and Volume

This is the primary reason for hair extensions around the world. You can go from short to long hair in minutes and completely change your style.


Mix up your colour, create a balayage effect or boost your existing colour with clip in or tape hair extensions.

Be At Your Best

Do you want to meet a new guy? Impress at a job interview or a room full of strangers? Hair Extensions can give you the confidence you need to achieve this, give them a try!


We have previously recommended ZALA Hair Extensions and continue to stand by their amazing products.

Thanks for reading!

Review: Ezra by Zalora

Ezra has been so great to send us these three bags to review. They feel great and look even better. We tested all three but by far our favourite is the Two-Way City Tote (first one). What do you think?

Two-Way City Tote

Ezra by Zalora Two-Way City Tote


Double-Zipped Trapeze Bag

Ezra by Zalora Double-Zipped Trapeze Bag


Cross-Body Saddle Bag

Ezra by Zalora Cross-Body Saddle Bag

Review: ZALA Hair Extensions

Hi girls,

Last week we received a set of hair extensions to try from ZALA. The colour is rich mocha brown and is the clip in style and 20 inch in length.

First thing we can say is wow. These are thick – so much better in fact we had to re-check against some other brands we had already to compare. It’s obvious they have used beautiful high quality hair, we are very impressed.

I’ve added a photo in for you to check out and their website is below – please let us know below if you have tried these or have any questions – we are in love.


ZALA Hair Extensions

ZALA Hair Extensions

ZALA Hair Extensions Rich Mocha